Summer Breeze Makes Us Feel Fine!

Hey Bellas:  

If you're like us, you like to add a bit of bling to our everyday...especially during this summer season! Summertime is refresh time and the perfect time to go from drab to fab with SBR! 

Hair accessories are HUGE all across our planet and SBR has been spotted EVERYWHERE...from LA, NY, Dallas, Denver (and everywhere in between) to London, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Scandinavia, Kenya and Vietnam!!!  They add the needed je ne sais quoi to every look. 
Our products are handmade and affordable (no $800 headbands necessary!)... and our best-selling Hair Claws are sustainable, too!  Shouldn't everyone do their share to protect Planet Earth?
Summer 2020 brings us THE most beautiful palette with shades of pink as the unexpected color of the season. Who doesn't look pretty in pink?!? Keep that blush collection and wear it all season long!
Our latest collection includes a mix of vintage and retro handmade, one-of-a-kind Pony Scarves, Scrunchies and HairTwists!  It's all about celebrating YOU...and showcasing your individuality.  We got the memo :)

This season make way
 for varied shades of buff,  coral pink, flame scarlet, eye-opening saffron, chive green, sea blues alongside sassy galaxy blue; mojito peachy-pink and tangerines, sugar almond and  bright sunlit gold. Think sunsets on the beach, flowers in bloom, green grass, and water in every color of blue you can dream of.  We have ALL the hottest colors of the season!  

Wishing you the warmth of summer breezes and the perfect hair accessories to add a smile...